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News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

Apple Pay Coming to Websites

Apple Pay Coming to Websites Apple Pay is taking on PayPal on its home turf: laptops and desktops. Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi announced during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday that consumers will be able to use Apple Pay to make online purchases through the Safari browser on iPhones, iPads and Macs before the holiday shopping season this year. Rumors surfaced earlier this year that the service would be coming to mobile Websites, but making it work on Mac laptops and desktops addresses an enormous hole: While mobile transactions are exploding, more than two-thirds of online purchases worldwide still happen on desktops and laptops.

Purchases made from Macs will still be authenticated using Touch ID on an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Reports indicate Apple is working on adding a fingerprint sensor to new versions of certain Macs, so online purchases authenticated directly on the computer could follow soon.

Apple Pay on Websites will only be available to Safari browser users. While that shuts out more than three-quarters of the global Internet population who use Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or others, Apple’s move to bring Apple Pay to mobile Web and traditional e-commerce Websites could have far-reaching impact on CNP payments. According to Federighi, Target, United Airlines, Lululemon and Etsy are among businesses that already have signed up to accept Apple Pay on their sites.

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Daniel Leibovitch