Android Pay Up and Running?

Aug. 27, 2015

Android Pay Up and Running? While Samsung recently announced a Sept. 28 date for launch of its contactless mobile payment solution, Google has not said anything officially about its Android Pay solution. Several published reports, however, have shown photos of a memo sent to McDonald’s employees that indicates the restaurant began accepting Android Pay starting yesterday. Some Subway customers have also been informed that Android Pay is up and running at some of its locations. Other retailers expected to accept Android Pay in stores at launch include Best Buy, Panera Bread, Toys ‘R’ Us and Walgreens.

Like Apple Pay, but unlike Samsung Pay so far, Android Pay has signed up several retailers that will accept the alternative payment method through in-app purchases, including Etsy, Groupon, Lyft and Uber.

“The ability to pay in-app with Android Pay will have a significant impact on the platform’s success as it rounds out the mobile platforms that have standardized on NFC,” Chester Ritchie, senior vice president at Worldpay US, told  “Having this common standard will make it much easier for merchants to support and consumers to adopt Android Pay.”

Several recent reports have indicated that Samsung Pay still does not have the support of mobile network operator Verizon (which it needs to access a certain element in its customers’ devices that enables contactless transactions at traditional magstripe terminals). Speculation about why this is the case includes that Verizon has an agreement with Google to preload Android Pay for all its customers and cannot support Samsung Pay on Samsung Android devices.