Amazon to Expand Brick-and-Mortar, Omnichannel Powerhouse on the Way?

May 19, 2016

Amazon to Expand Brick-and-Mortar, Omnichannel Powerhouse on the Way?—the purest of e-commerce pureplays—is spreading its omnichannel wings, according to CEO Jeff Bezos. At the company’s annual shareholders meeting on Tuesday, Bezos said the company is planning to expand into brick-and-mortar locations beyond one bookstore in Seattle opened last year and another under construction in San Diego.

“We’re definitely going to open additional stores. How many, we don’t know yet,” Bezos told shareholders at the meeting according to a Wall Street Journal report. “In these early days, it’s all about learning rather than trying to earn a lot of revenue.”

In February, Sandeep Mathrani, CEO of mall operator General Growth Properties told analysts and media on the company’s earnings call he thought Amazon would open 400 bookstores. He quickly retracted that statement. Bezos, who talked about opening more stores in the context of adding benefits to Amazon Prime, did not say if they would all be bookstores. He also alluded to private-label food brands during his address, but did not say if that product category would be available in stores.