Amazon Prime Day Features Huge Increase in App Usage

July 14, 2016

Amazon Prime Day Features Huge Increase in App Usage Despite some problems on its Website due to volume, Amazon’s second annual Prime Day was the online mega-retailer’s largest sales day ever. The company, which began the event a year ago as a promotion to encourage sign-ups for its Prime service, said orders were up 60 percent globally and 50 percent in the U.S. The company’s mobile app contributed significantly to the increase from last year: twice as many transactions came through the Amazon app as they did during last year’s Prime Day, the Seattle-based company said, with more than one million consumers using the app for the first time to shop and monitor deals during the event.

According to reports, Prime Day was a tide that lifted many e-commerce boats. National retailers including Gap, Macy’s, Walmart, Lord & Taylor and Saks drafted on Amazon’s idea by offering their own promotions. The “general enthusiasm for online shopping” even extended to stock gains for several publicly traded e-commerce companies, according to The Street. Shares of online craft marketplace Etsy rose 8 percent to $10.44 and e-commerce platform Shopify gained more than 3 percent, ending Tuesday at $32.89 per share.