Amazon Launches Login and Pay in Europe

Sept. 29, 2014

Amazon Launches Login and Pay in Europe Nearly a year after it launched “Login and Pay with Amazon” in the U.S., Amazon has introduced the service in Europe. The third-party online payment method lets e-commerce Websites increase conversion by enabling them to accept one-click payments from users with an Amazon account. On its UK Website, Amazon is touting the experience of one merchant that increased conversion 20 percent by offering the service to its customers.

As in the U.S., merchant adoption of the online payment method will hinge largely on whether they feel the gains in conversion are worth opening their e-commerce Website to perhaps their greatest competitive threat. In the EU, it will cost merchants €0.35 ($0.44) plus 1.9 percent per transaction. In the U.K., its £0.20 ($0.32) and 3.4 percent per transaction.