All Our Representatives are Busy Right Now: A CNP Expo Spotlight

March 9, 2015

All Our Representatives are Busy Right Now: A CNP Expo Spotlight Despite the explosion in e- and m-commerce, accepting orders over the phone through customer service representatives is still a tried-and-true channel of business for many merchants. While this is a viable way for a company to personally assist customers in placing orders, it is a card-not-present channel that fraudsters attempt to exploit. Call centers, however, often can be a blind spot in fraud prevention. If businesses aren’t careful to treat them with as much care as other channels, high chargebacks and fraud rates can be a challenge.

Just like in other channels, there are systems and processes merchants have implemented that have lowered fraud in this channel and led to an increase in overall efficiency. A session at the upcoming CNP Expo dedicated to fraud in the call-center channel will equip every merchant with the tools to identify it and train your front-line staff to recognize it and handle the calls the right way. Call-center fraud specialists from Eckoh, IntraNext and Semafone will detail the technology now available to merchants that will help verify identities in call center environments.

Join this session and many more at the CNP Expo where you will get 40 hours of professional training directly benefitting your business. Click here to register before prices increase.