ACI to Keep and Develop ReD Shield

Feb. 5, 2015

ACI to Keep and Develop ReD Shield Florida-based processor ACI Worldwide this week said it has “confirmed its commitment” to the continuing development of the antifraud technology it inherited in its August acquisition of software provider ReD. And, while the company began informing clients and media last week that it has begun “sunsetting” the ReD corporate brand, ReD Shield will not only live on, ACI pledged to invest and upgrade the well-known technology.

“We are committed to ensuring [ReD Shield] maintains its market-leading reputation by meeting and exceeding customer expectations well into the future,” said Mike Braatz, senior vice president of Payments Risk Management Solutions for ACI Worldwide. “Supported by a team of expert analysts, ReD Shield offers industrial strength online fraud prevention, unrivalled global fraud intelligence and a very high degree of flexibility to meet the needs of merchants in a wide variety of vertical markets around the globe.”