WorldPay Beefs Up Anti-Fraud Software

Sept. 21, 2011

E-Commerce processor WorldPay recently launched an enhanced version of its risk management platform it says, will enable merchants to take advantage of three new features to reduce fraud. The Atlanta-based company’s RiskGuardian platform now enables merchants to access a custom rules engine that sets risk parameters exactly where retailers want them. The platform also has added a transaction simulator where merchants can test the rules they have come up with before deploying live and a device identification network that generates a transaction risk score based on the device from which the order was placed. “One of the biggest challenges for all e-commerce merchants is trying to find the right balance between fraud detection and reduction and the desire to maintain a simple, fast online shopping experience for customers,” said Gabriel Hopkins, head of e-commerce products at WorldPay. “Having undertaken extensive research amongst our customers, we believe that these new solutions will help to address this issue and allow businesses to find a level of risk management and fraud prevention which is exactly right for them.”