WikiLeaks Accepts Online Donations Briefly

July 14, 2011

Controversial “whistle-blower” Website WikiLeaks, which has been unable to take credit card donations online since the major payment networks refused to process them, provided a brief window this week for donors to give. In a statement on its Website Thursday, WikiLeaks said: “After a legal fight we can currently take donations via Iceland through Visa, MasterCard and Amex. We are uncertain how long this facility will last as today Visa has declared they might close it.” Icelandic payment gateway DataCell found an acquirer willing to process payments to WikiLeaks—Reykjavik-based Valitor. WikiLeaks’ prediction that Visa would close the facility did not take long to come to pass. By mid-morning Friday, Visa had traced the source of the payments to Valitor and closed the workaround. “An acquirer briefly accepted payments on a merchant site linked to WikiLeaks,” A Visa spokesperson said. “As soon as this came to our attention, action was taken with the suspension of Visa payment acceptance to the site remaining in place.”