Whole Foods Chooses Square to Deliver Omnichannel Experience

Feb. 13, 2014

Whole Foods Chooses Square to Deliver Omnichannel Experience Whole Foods Market on Tuesday said it is partnering with Square to enable new omnichannel capabilities that will let customers pay using different payment methods in different areas of the store. The supermarket will equip different food venues within its stores like sandwich counters, juice and coffee bars or beer and wine bars with Square Register and Square Stand, letting businesses use tablets as their POS devices. The partnership will also enable customers at select stores to pay via their mobile device using Square Wallet.

The companies said the partnership helps Whole Foods, which says it has been a leader in using digital technology to respond to customer needs in real time, “bridge the digital and in-store retail spaces at these venues.” Customers will be able to skip the main checkout lines, reducing wait times in the stores.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Square said: “With Square, Whole Foods Market will enable commerce in more parts of their stores with easy, accessible tools that showcase the best of what’s achievable in the service of retailers and customers.”