Whitepaper: An Optimistic View on Brexit and E-Commerce With nearly two weeks to digest, opinions on how Britain’s vote to leave the European Union will affect e-commerce are beginning to proliferate. London-based logistics technology provider MetaPack has released a white paper that outlines options as U.K. and EU leaders will begin negotiating new trade agreements to replace those that governed cross-border e-commerce when they were part of the EU. The paper is optimistic regarding any changes that stem from the Brexit vote.

Given the importance the U.K. holds as a trading partner for countries within the European Union, the company said in the paper, any agreements that result will “most likely promote rather than hinder” cross-border e-commerce between the U.K. and other EU countries. MetaPack sees the potential for opportunity and growth rather than doom.

“At first glance it might be thought that cross border e-commerce is at the mercy of forthcoming complex trade negotiations, but this need not be the case,” said Patrick Wall, CEO of MetaPack. “Moving forward we need to work together collectively to protect consumers’ access to an open European e-commerce market.”

Download the free white paper here.