WhitePages PRO Rolls Out Antifraud Platform

Oct. 15, 2013

WhitePagesPRO, an antifraud platform for businesses that has been available only to a limited number of pilot testers since its 2012 launch, is now available to the entire marketplace with several upgrades. WhitePages started as an online phone directory for consumers, but has evolved into one of the largest repositories of consumer and business contact information on the Web. Businesses can now use WhitePages PRO to leverage data from publicly available sources like the United States Postal Service along with many proprietary sources to identify consumers for the purpose of authenticating online and mobile transactions.

One upgrade in the new platform is the ability to connect mobile phone numbers to addresses, the company said. An increasingly important bit of information when trying to validate the identity of someone making an online purchase.

“Consumers continue to cut the cord and opt for mobile only, taking their numbers with them when they move,” said Alex Algard, founder and CEO of WhitePages. “This has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to verify users through the often disparate mobile and address information they provide. PRO allows businesses to match even more of their customers with contact data in real time, not only helping them to improve efficiencies but also improving how they serve their customers.”

Just yesterday, the company also announced a partnership with antifraud technology provider ReD that has integrated PRO into the ReD Shield fraud-prevention solution. Under the agreement, ReD merchants will be able to access WhitePages PRO directly from ReD Shield.