White Paper: Providers Must Partner for Effective PCI Compliance 

Aug. 13, 2012

A London-based network management and security firm, in a new white paper, is calling for technology companies serving the payments industry to find a collaborative approach to PCI compliance. In PCI and Partnerships , Mako Networks, acknowledging the fact that merchants typically work with multiple vendors, is calling for companies throughout the payment chain to work closely on a coherent strategy that would make PCI compliance easier to implement, define best practices for safeguarding consumer payment information and “close the PCI loop.”

“The vendor community is still very segregated when it comes to issues of compliance,” says Mako Networks CEO Bill Farmer. “Organizations often work in silos with little collaboration or standardized practice. This needs to change in order to make data and payment security compliance more achievable. The development of more effective fit-for-purpose products and services, with the necessary certification, is one way of ensuring a standard level of practice across the industry.”

Payment service providers Spire Payments, Payzone, VigiTrust, Phoenix Managed Networks and Service Logistics also contributed to the white paper.