White Paper Helps Small Merchants Avoid Breaches

May 17, 2012

ControlScan, the PCI compliance services provider that last week acquired CRE Secure, has published a free white paper for small businesses that details the most effective steps they can take to protect themselves from data thieves. ControlScan says small merchants are complacent about the impact a data breach would have on their business yet are particularly vulnerable to attacks. The company hopes the Top 5 Security Best Practices for Small Merchants can educate them to take protective action.  

“Small merchants represent the path of least resistance to data thieves,” said Steve Robb, senior vice president of products and services for ControlScan. “The Top 5 Security Best Practices white paper arms these merchants with a stronger awareness, as well as proven, easy-to-implement tactics for protecting their business. Even the smallest data breach can have a business-ending result for the average merchant.”