White Paper: HCE Has ‘Far-Reaching Implications’ for NFC, Payments

Aug. 25, 2014

White Paper: HCE Has ‘Far-Reaching Implications’ for NFC, Payments Host card emulation, a technology that enables NFC transmission but does not require a secure element to be present in mobile phones using the capability, has pumped new life into NFC as a mobile payment technology. A new white paper from the Smart Card Alliance examines the opportunities HCE represents for mobile payments and the security concerns inherent in removing the secure element from the device.

“NFC continues to gain strong industry support from an increasing number of suppliers, manufacturers and handset models; however, HCE currently is only commercially supported on Android and Blackberry, and specifications still need to mature and be harmonized across OS vendors,” according to the Smart Card Alliance. ”While HCE is not the ‘silver bullet’ many would like to have, it has far-reaching implications for the industry in general.”

HCE has become a very popular workaround for those hoping to leverage NFC for in-store mobile payments. Many expert, however, are not sold on the technology .