Visa to Launch Visa Checkout in Europe, India

Feb. 25, 2016

Visa to Launch Visa Checkout in Europe, India Visa this week said Visa Checkout will be available on e-commerce Websites in Europe and India this year. The company will expand the online and mobile payment solution to the U.K., India, France, Ireland and Poland, joining 16 other countries including the U.S., China, Brazil, Mexico and Singapore. More than 11 million consumers in those countries have established Visa Checkout accounts, which they can use at more than 250,000 merchants, according to the San Francisco-based card network.

“Ultimately it’s the power of the product and its ability to drive increased conversion that will lead to more adoption and growth of Visa Checkout,” said Sam Shrauger, senior vice president of digital solutions for Visa. “We’ve seen great results in the U.S., and we know that as our global expansion continues, we can help drive positive results for more merchants and their consumers everywhere.”

Visa, quoting research from eMarketer, said it is expanding the global availability of Visa Checkout as overall e-commerce grew more than 22 percent and online mobile transactions grew 32 percent from 2014 to 2015.