Visa Makes Strategic Investment in DocuSign

July 17, 2014

Visa Makes Strategic Investment in DocuSign Visa and DocuSign announced this week that the San Francisco-based payment network has made a strategic investment in digital transaction management company DocuSign. The companies said the pairing makes sense given their shared goal of eliminating paper-based transactions. For Visa, that means cash, for DocuSign it’s paper contracts.

The two will leverage their trusted global brands to offer digital payment services consumers and businesses know can be counted on. Initially, those will include services like executing lease agreements, bill presentment and payment, according to DocuSign CFO Mike Dinsdale. In the future, however, Dinsdale said the partnership with Visa may enable DocuSign to offer services around authentication e-commerce merchants could use to fight or prevent chargebacks.

"Long term, there is great value in stronger identity," said Dinsdale. "There’s definitely something there between us and Visa. As our network grows and leveraging the information they have around authentication of individuals, if you had a stronger ID you could bring down chargeback rates."

The size of the stake Visa acquired in the agreement was not disclosed.