Visa Launches PayPal Alternative Down Under

July 1, 2010  

Visa recently launched a new online payment service in Australia it said will be focused on micro transactions typical when purchasing downloadable digital content such as music, games and movies. Australian consumers are the first to experience the service, dubbed payclick by the global card acceptance network. A payclick account, which can be funded using any credit card or bank account, enables consumers to pay online without sharing personal details or financial information with sellers. Visa said Big Pond Games, Big Pond Music, Flexischools, Habbo, iTunes and Kids Help Line are the first online merchants to accept payclick. “We are providing a solution for sellers to monetize their content and services,” said Greg Storey, payclick general manager. “We see payclick’s potential to expand their market reach and unlock new revenue streams. We are confident payclick’s benefits will inspire many more online sellers to explore how our system can help them connect with new customers.” While Visa said payclick was developed specifically to make selling lower priced digital content easier and more profitable, it can also be used to purchase physical goods.