Visa Europe Launches CodeSure Display Card

June 10, 2010

Visa Europe recently announced that Visa CodeSure, a payment card featuring an alpha-numeric display and 12-button keypad, is now fully available for commercial launch. Visa said the technology will significantly reduce e-commerce fraud as cardholders will have to enter their PIN on the card every time they make an online transaction. The CodeSure technology works on any Visa debit or credit card, the San Francisco-based card network said in a press release. Visa and Emue Technologies Pty Ltd., partners in the card’s development, piloted CodeSure with eight European banks and their cardholders in a number of countries including the UK, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany. Surveys of users in the pilots found that 70 percent of participants felt they would use their cards for Card Not Present transactions more often and 86 percent said the new card “reassured” them about security. “The banks and their cardholder trials have shown an appetite for innovation and the broadening of a payment card’s use,” Sandra Alzetta, head of innovation at Visa Europe, said. “This solution is an extremely convenient way to bring a similar level of security to payments online as we now enjoy on the high street with chip and PIN.”