Visa Checkout Adds Merchants, Issuers, Users Visa today announced that 33 merchants in four countries have added Visa Checkout capability to their e-commerce Websites, including Best Buy, Under Armour, Barnes & Noble and Taco Bell. Visa Checkout enables users to store credit card details they can use to make one-touch online purchases. In addition to 17 new U.S.-based merchants, the San Francisco-based card brand said Visa Checkout purchases are now available at more than a dozen new outlets based in Australia, Canada and Columbia.

Visa used the opportunity to share numbers with media outlets about the growth of Visa Checkout. The company said the total number of merchants offering the online payment method is nearing a quarter million with more than 330 financial institution partners—including several new issuers in China and the United Arab Emirates. Visa said enrollment has grown by 30 percent over the past two months and Visa Checkout now had more than six million registered users.