Visa: Airlines Can Use Flight Manifests as Proof of Friendly Fraud

June 11, 2015

Visa: Airlines Can Use Flight Manifests as Proof of Friendly Fraud Visa announced this week it has given the airline industry another weapon to fight chargebacks and friendly fraud. Airlines now can use flight manifests as a remedy when they are facing chargebacks, which the card network said is the first time—aside from instances where Verified By Visa (the company’s 3D Secure solution) is used—a fraud chargeback remedy will be available to airlines that sell tickets online or in other card-not-present environments.

If the manifest, supplied by the airline, matches the cardholder name and the cardholder charges the purchase back, Visa will accept the match as a fraud remedy. In April 2013, the company declared manifests could be used as “compelling evidence” in such cases, but would not necessarily result in a reversal. That is no longer true.

“Given the ongoing growth in card-not-present transaction volume, we have been working to evolve our dispute management processes for the entire merchant community, including the airline industry, to help merchants fight fraud more effectively and efficiently,” said Ramon Martin, global head of merchant solutions, Visa Inc. “We want these recent changes to be a positive step in streamlining the card-not-present dispute process for everyone involved.”