Vindicia Enables Online Payments for Boxee

June 1, 2010 

Vindicia, a Redwood City, Calif.-based payment services provider that manages subscriptions and one-time payments for online merchants, recently announced that Boxee, which brings movies, TV shows and video from the Internet to the TV screen, has selected Vindicia’s CashBox billing solution. Vindicia CashBox will enable Boxee content partners to offer premium content to Boxee users through a wide variety of payment methods and plans, from individual pay-per-view charges to premium subscription models. Boxee users will also have the option to provide their payment information via credit card, gift cards, and PayPal for easy, one-click content purchases. “We chose Vindicia for its clear leadership in online billing solutions, ability to scale with our global audience and flexibility in supporting different payment models and methods,” said Boxee’s Avner Ronen, CEO and co-founder. “In the end, adopting Vindicia’s proven billing solution enables us to give our users immediate access to the premium content they want.” CashBox will enable Boxee to handle payments on its website and across mobile platforms like the iPhone, Android and iPad. Boxee’s eventual expansion to these platforms will pave the way for universally accessible content no matter where a user is.