Viableware Launches Pay-at-Table Technology for Restaurants

Jan. 16, 2012

Viableware, a Kirkland. Wash.-based provider of restaurant communication solutions, launched a service that will enable diners to pay at the table with a credit card without handing their card over to a server. The company said its new system, The Rail, “is an innovative pay-at-the-table system that maintains the traditional look and feel of the bill presentation folder diners are used to seeing delivered to their table, with the added capabilities of a digital interface, at-the-table credit card swiping, on-the-spot digital signing, and credit card authorization.” By enabling restaurant guests to self-swipe credit or debit cards, the Rail protects them from card information theft, while also enabling restaurants to streamline payment processes and generate new advertising revenues. “The Rail is a breakthrough for restaurants that are seeking ways to widen their margins, but without negatively affecting customer service and satisfaction,” said Joseph Snell, co-founder and CEO of Viableware. “The devices not only simplify table service operations, but they also open up a multitude of revenue sharing opportunities. For example, with Rail in place, a restaurant can market locally with third-party businesses, like a nearby movie theater, to offer guests discount tickets to that evening’s show. The guest could purchase the tickets directly from the Rail by swiping their card—and a commission could be earned for the restaurant.”