Verifi Launches Enhanced Chargeback Service

May 20, 2014

Verifi Launches Enhanced Chargeback Service Verifi, a Los Angeles-based chargeback-management services provider, at the CNP Expo today announced expanded capabilities have been added to its Premier Chargeback Revenue Recovery Service. The service, which helps merchants claw back some of the $40-$80 billion lost to chargebacks each year, has integrated new capability that reduces IT involvement so merchants can fight chargebacks without consuming scarce corporate resources. Verifi also said the enhancements enable merchants selling across all channels and employing all payment types, including PayPal, to fight chargebacks.

“Our long history and sheer volume of transactions and chargeback experience provides unique insight across numerous industries, payment brands and helps us better understand the diverse requirements for representment across complex reason codes,” said Matthew Katz, Verifi’s founder and CEO.