Vantage Clients Tap ControlScan for Fully Managed PCI Compliance

March 6, 2012

Vantage Card Services, an Atlanta-based payment processor, has expanded its relationship with compliance solutions provider ControlScan. Vantage says it has advocated for years the need for a strong security posture, which includes compliance with the requirements advanced by the PCI Council in its Data Security Standard. The partnership will enable Vantage to give its mostly Level 4 merchant clients—who may not fully understand all the requirements—the assistance they need to achieve and maintain PCI compliance. Vantage already used ControlScan’s PCI 1-2-3 solution, but the new agreement calls for ControlScan to manage the PCI compliance program.

“We realized the benefit of having an industry expert like ControlScan as a partner taking the lead on answering any questions our merchants had about the PCI DSS or reaching compliance,” says Ty Hardison, vice president of development and strategy for Vantage Card Services. “This led us to the decision to transition to a program fully managed by ControlScan.”