Utah Company Launches Chargeback Mediation Service

Nov. 11, 2010

Consumer Credit Mediation, a Springville, Utah-based chargeback management company, last week announced the launch of its chargeback mediation services.   The company said its service benefits the merchant and the consumer when a chargeback has been filed. Consumer Credit Mediation assists merchants in defending and winning invalid chargebacks and recovering the associated fees. In addition, the company said it helps educate consumers about the chargeback process and the result of filing an invalid chargeback. With the proper education, consumers understand the negative impact it has on the merchant, as well as themselves; especially the deterioration of their “Online Credit Footprint” and their ability to make online purchases, according to James Packer, president and CEO of Consumer Credit Mediation. “We’re helping merchants and consumers through our education process.” said Packer. “Simply put, we help merchants from falling victim to consumer fraud and help consumers from being scammed by fraudulent merchants.”