USDT, SignatureLink Calls Hybrid Payment Type ‘Game-Changer’

Dec. 16, 2010

US Digital Transactions Corporation (USDT) recently announced a partnership with SignatureLink, Inc . that will create a new form of payment transaction for online retailers. The new e-commerce hybrid payment type is a signature-based CNP transaction with promise to pay. The new patent-pending payment type, called CNPS, will easily integrate with all existing PCI-compliant e-commerce applications and payment gateways. The technology is currently in beta development. “Currently there is not an interchange rate or category for CNPS card-not-present signature transactions,” said Greg Wooten, CEO, USDT. “The new transaction type is in full compliance with the U.S. Federal UETA and ESIGN Act and we intend on lobbying the card associations to accommodate the new transaction type. This is a game changer for e-commerce worldwide and will have a major impact on reducing overall cost of payment acceptance and fraud.”