USDT Launches Chargeback Management System for CNP Merchants

Sept. 29, 2011

Payments processor USDT Corporation has released a chargeback management system this week for online retailers. The New York City-based company said TransExam is a cloud-based, patent pending technology, licensed under an exclusive international licensing agreement between USDT and SignatureLink Inc. When a merchants using TransExam receive a retrieval request from a cardholder’s issuer, the system retrieves a single PDF re-presentment document that includes all pre- and post- authorization data, including the terms and conditions that were presented in the sales draft to the consumer at the time of the purchase. The resultant sales draft, according to Greg Wooten, CEO of USDT, is a forensic document certified by SignatureLink. “Very few merchants are aware that the issuing banks compensate the acquiring bank for every successful re-presentment; our clients have been able to derive revenue directly from that revenue stream using the TransExam system,” said Wooten. “Taking all of the efficiencies into concern, TransExam has an outstanding return on investment for merchants.”