USA ePay Enables CNP Merchants to Accept Multi-Currency Payments

June 14, 2010 

Planet Payment, a New York-based multi-currency payment processor, recently announced that e-commerce payment gateway provider USA ePay has completed certification of its suite of products to support Planet Payment’s Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) service. According to a press release, the certification means Planet Payment’s MCP Service is now available to USA ePay’s network of merchants and resellers. With MCP, CNP merchants can customize their offerings to international markets by displaying foreign currency pricing on their website or catalogue and enable international customers to browse and complete purchases in their own currency. “From the perspective of our resellers, Planet Payment’s MCP service provides a powerful new sales tool that our resellers can use to close more new merchant sales as well as reduce existing merchant attrition,” said Ben Goretsky, CEO of USA ePay. “At the merchant level, Planet Payment’s MCP service allows merchants to effectively increase their sales and marketing reach to customers on a worldwide basis, while minimizing the risk of currency fluctuations, and without the need for costly overseas banking relationships.”