Trustwave Receives Patent on Web Monitoring Technology

July 1, 2014

Trustwave Receives Patent on Web Monitoring Technology Security and PCI-compliance firm Trustwave has garnered a U.S. patent related to technology that will help companies ascertain if e-commerce sites they are partnered with are selling illegal or fraudulent merchandise or if they are infected with malware. Trustwave has offered its Web Content Monitoring service to acquirers and e-commerce merchants that sell through affiliates for some time, but the technology backing the service was recently granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office titled “Methods and systems for scanning and monitoring content on a network.”

The service enables acquirers and e-commerce merchants to automatically monitor the e-commerce sites they are working with to see if they pose a security risk or if they are selling illegal goods, hopefully making the daunting task of compliance and security simpler.

“As more shoppers turn to the Web, the proliferation of e-commerce sites, servers, pages and applications becomes more difficult to manage,” the company said in a post on its corporate blog. “The process of assessing and verifying compliance with legislation and standards, such as those set by the major card brands, can be costly, time-consuming and sometimes incomplete. That is why a service like Trustwave Web Content Monitoring, which covers all of the websites associated with a merchant, is critical in helping an e-commerce business secure its valuable data and adhere to the rules.”