Total-Apps Enables Donations through Facebook Videos

Sept. 21, 2015

Total-Apps Enables Donations through Facebook Videos Total-Apps, a California-based online payment provider, has launched a service aimed at nonprofits enabling them to accept donations directly through videos posted on Facebook. The company’s video checkout embeds a secure payment form into a playing video so users who want to make a payment do not have to be directed away from the site they are on or the video they are watching.

“As a company, we’ve made a long-term commitment to helping charitable organizations meet their fundraising goals through the effective management of their merchant accounts,” said Rey Pasinli, executive director of Total-Apps. “By offering this new Facebook video service, we can give charities the opportunity to really unlock the donation potential of their social media networks.”

The company said it is targeting nonprofits because charities and political groups have shown they “are adept at sharing their message through Facebook video posts.”