TNS Leverages Mobile and Unlisted Phone Data in New Verification Solution

May 22, 2013

Transaction Network Services (TNS) yesterday launched a new identification verification solution that leverages data that had been unavailable for many companies until now. TNS, which is exhibiting TNSVerify this week at the 2013 CNP Expo in Orlando, Fla., said it has partnered with leading mobile and telecommunications providers giving them access to unique personal data that both brick-and-mortar and online businesses can use to more effectively verify their customers.

“Previously, verifying and identifying customers based on their telecommunication data was challenging for non-telecommunication businesses,” said Surendra Saboo, CEO of TNS’ Telecoms Division. “The consumer trend of migrating from publicly-listed landline phone numbers to mobile, prepaid and VoIP services increases the difficulty of identifying a consumer in risk assessment and fraud mitigation strategies because many of the consumers have non-public, unlisted phone numbers.”