ThreatMetrix Identifies Cybercrime Trends for 2012

April 10, 2012

Fraud and cybercrime prevention solutions provider ThreatMetrix says it has identified the most threatening malware trends for 2012. The company says Man-in-the-Browser page injections, which add malicious content to legitimate Websites, are on the rise and will move beyond financial institutions to other targets such as alternative payment methods, digital currencies and merchants. ThreatMetrix also notes that mobile is the new big target.

“Mobile devices are already targeted to defeat SMS-based two-factor authentication for Internet banking (Mitmo Trojan),” according to Andreas Baumhof, CTO for ThreatMetrix. “Due to the open nature of the Android operating system, malware can spread quickly and Trojans can easily hijack existing applications. Furthermore, we see more and more sophisticated malware, such as remote-controlled banking Trojans (Android/ FakeToken.A) or even rootkits.”

The San Jose, Calif.-based company also warns that a corporate shift toward having employees utilize their personal devices for business purposes is opening a new door for cybercriminals. While historically businesses needed to be vigilant about links from strange emails, ThreatMetrix says, Bring-Your-Own-Device is contributing to today’s malware threats through shared devices, search engine poisoning, image searches, hidden URLs, syndicated advertisements, and more.