The Constant Evolution of Fraud: A CNP Expo Session Spotlight

April 2, 2015

The Constant Evolution of Fraud: A CNP Expo Session Spotlight As merchants and vendors in the card-not-present fraud-prevention space are painfully aware, fraud is continuously evolving. Improvements in fraud-prevention tactics and systems, business model changes and the growing sophistication of fraudsters all contribute to this continual game of cat-and-mouse.

If a business is not proactive in learning which new methods fraudsters are using to exploit their processes, it can easily become victim to new breeds of exploitations and fraud it wasn’t prepared for. The most prevalent types of fraud today, including account takeover, friendly fraud and triangulation fraud, emerged not so long ago.

At the CNP Expo this May, we have dedicated an entire panel discussion to new threats every business needs to know about before it becomes a target. Learn about the evolution in fraud attacks from merchants who are already going through them and the providers who work with them including, Tommy Bahama, ThreatMetrix and Vesta. Through this exchange of knowledge, merchants will learn what behavior to be on the lookout for and which methods have been successful in thwarting these fraud attempts.