Target to Pay $10 Million to Breach Victims On Thursday, a U.S. District Court Judge in Minnesota approved a preliminary version of a $10 million settlement of a class action filed against Target on behalf of customers affected by the company’s 2013 data breach. Consumers who can prove fraud was perpetrated on their payment-card account are eligible for up to $10,000 in damages each. Target said through a spokesperson it is “pleased to see the process moving forward.”

A dedicated Website will be set up to handle all consumers claims of damages related to the breach. To collect a share of the fund set aside for victims of the breach, consumers will have to prove at least one of the following: unauthorized, unreimbursed charges were made to their account, time was spent addressing those charges, they hired someone to act on their behalf correcting damage to their credit report, they were subject to higher interest rates or fees on their account as a result of the fraudulent charges or they paid money to replace identification, change a Social Security number or change a phone number.