Systems East Launches Mobile Payments via QR Code

April 24, 2012

Systems East Inc., a Cortland, N.Y.-based provider of e-commerce payment solutions, has added mobile payments based on QR (quick response) codes. The company says the codes, which can be added to any Website, email, print or television communication, enable consumers to make payments via the Xpress-pay Mobile solution. When the code is scanned by a smartphone, the device prompts users to enter their credit card or bank account details and the transaction is completed. The 2D bar codes can be encoded as needed to associate the payment with a customer, the merchant’s accounts receivable information, or virtually any other purpose.

Currently, Xpress-pay Mobile is being used mostly by non-profits to accept donations, according to Brian Campbell, sales manager for Systems East. The United Way in several states and the Cancer Research Institute in California accept mobile donations using the solution. Campbell notes the Herman Cain presidential campaign used Xpress-pay to take contributions before it was suspended and there has been “substantial interest” from other national campaigns.

While Xpress-pay Mobile is free for consumers to use, depending on the merchant’s projected volume, says Campbell, clients pay an enrollment fee of $0 to $199 and a per transaction fee of $.05 to $.50.