SVP Now Option for Child Support Payments in Nebraska

Jan. 16, 2012

Minneapolis-based U.S. Bank said it has successfully implemented Secure Vault Payments (SVP) with the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center for online child support payments. Non-custodial parents can now choose SVP to make their child support payments from a consumer online bank account at U.S. Bank or at any SVP-enabled financial institution. “The Nebraska Child Support Payment Center is the first child support payment center in the United States to offer Secure Vault Payments,” said Troy Reiners, director of the center, a division of the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office. “The option is good for the state as well as for parents paying child support because funds are verified and secured at the time of the transaction. With SVP, the state avoids problems associated with checks returned due to insufficient funds, stop-pay notices or other returns on bank accounts.”