Stripe Launches in Ireland

Sept. 5, 2013

Online payments provider Stripe made the most recent in a stream of announcements this week when the San Francisco-based company said it has rolled out publicly in Ireland. Stripe, which was founded by Irish-born John and Patrick Collison, said Ireland is the first Eurozone country where the solution will be available and the fourth overall.

“To date, online payments infrastructure in most of these countries, including Ireland, has been dominated by lumbering incumbent banks,” wrote Darragh Buckley, the company’s first employee and another native of the Emerald Isle. “Accepting internet payments involved weeks of setup, reams of paperwork, and bureaucratic approval processes. We want to fix this. With Stripe’s launch in Ireland, we’re bringing all our core functionality to every Irish individual and business: instant setup, full control over the user experience, straightforward pricing, and a fully integrated stack.”

In Ireland, merchants pay 2.4 percent and 24 cents per transaction (plus the country’s value-added tax) to process transactions using Stripe.