Stripe Expands Service for Online Shops

Oct. 11, 2012

Stripe, an online payment startup based in San Francisco, yesterday launched Stripe Connect, a new capability enabling users that sell goods and services through larger online platforms to take card payments more easily. Companies like Shopify, Skillshare, SumAll and Ballpark—which all beta tested Stripe Connect—help others become sellers, but have not always made accepting payments easy, the company said in a corporate blog post.

“Some of the most innovative businesses on the internet help others become sellers: store builders, website creators, marketplaces, and many more,” wrote Amber Feng. “In the past, figuring out how to make payments work has been a big barrier to building these kinds of companies—there hasn’t been any good way to immediately facilitate credit card transactions for sellers. By integrating Stripe Connect and having users link with a Stripe account, any service can enable their users to start accepting payments in minutes. This is a big change, and by streamlining this process, we hope to help increase the number of people selling online.”

Stripe Connect also will enable merchants to share transaction data with third-party systems like accounting software, analytics tools, or CRM systems.