State of Affairs: Payments – A CNP Expo Session Spotlight

April 20, 2015

State of Affairs: Payments – A CNP Expo Session Spotlight The payments landscape is changing rapidly. But, most consumers will only adopt a new payment method if it can be used in their everyday life, and merchants want to know their customers will use it before implementing yet another payment method. The risk of waiting too long is lost revenue to a competitor and the PR advantage of being a first mover with an innovative method of payment that catches fire.

Payment providers have had to learn to read the tea leaves regarding which payment methods may be ephemeral and which are here to stay. Because they have a 10,000 foot view of the landscape and can compare the performance of a specific payment type across verticals, they have an important perspective on this world.

At the 2015 CNP Expo, representatives from five leading payments companies—Fin-Serv Advisors, Elavon, OmniPay, Vantiv and Verifi—will discuss new payment methods and the changing regulations around them that need to be on your agenda for the rest of the year.  With so many rapid changes, this will be a session that can’t be missed, leaving you with actionable items to apply to your business the very next week.

Join this session and many more at the 2015 CNP Expo, May 18-21 in Orlando, Fla., where you will get 40 hours of professional training directly benefitting your business. Click here to register .