STAR Network Chooses Cardinal Commerce for PIN Debit Authentication

Nov. 14, 2011

Ohio-based authentication technology provider CardinalCommerce and the STAR Network have signed an agreement by which the EFT network will participate in the Universal PIN Debit Service (UPDS) enabled by Cardinal. First Data, the Atlanta processor that owns and operates the STAR Network, said UPDS enables online shoppers to use their debit cards to make purchases using the cardholder authentication method chosen by their financial institution. The companies said new authentication options would be made available to STAR member financial institutions based on demand. “STAR recognizes the importance of the online and mobile channels in relation to the future of electronic payments, and will not lose sight of the fact that these transactions must be as secure as possible,” said Julie Saville, vice president of product development for the STAR Network. “Once a contract is executed and the service implemented, UPDS integration would allow STAR member financial institutions the flexibility to choose the secure authentication method they want their customers to use when using their debit cards online.”