Square Redesigns Checkout Page

March 10, 2014

Square Redesigns Checkout Page Late last week, Square launched an updated version of its online checkout page. On its corporate blog, UI developer Michaël Villar said the new checkout interface now provides one of the most sought-after changes: it can handle billing and shipping addresses separately. Address entry is more streamlined—the checkout page now automatically fills in city, state and country when the user enters a ZIP code. Billing addresses are also immediately verified now, catching more typos during entry.

Perhaps most importantly, Square said, the checkout page has been optimized for whatever device is being used. Customers also can save their payment information by checking a “Remember Me” box and entering their mobile-phone number.

“We’ve learned a lot about what works on what doesn’t over the past year, and we’ve redesigned Checkout from scratch for every device,” Villar said. “Checkout is gorgeous on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, OS X, Windows, tablet, desktop, and mobile.”