Square Launches Hosted Online Checkout

The company that popularized card acceptance using a smartphone now is targeting online payments. Square has become a brand in payment processing well known by merchants. But does Square resonate with consumers? The company thinks so and is betting that an online checkout experience “powered by Square” will benefit merchants.

“With Square Checkout, we are enabling sellers to leverage the trust consumers have put into Square at a crucial point of the payment flow—entering their credit card details online,” said Square’s Matan-Paul Shetrit. “By clearly stating that the checkout experience is powered by Square, we are looking to bring the same trust buyers experience in stores to their online purchases.”

Square Checkout is a simple hosted online checkout solution the company hopes will compete with Stripe and others. According to the company, a single integration will provide access to data through Square’s API, reporting via a dashboard and basic chargeback protection and PCI compliance.

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