Spindle Lets Coffee Drinkers Pay for K-Cups via Mobile

Arizona-based PSP Spindle this week said it has signed an agreement with Multi-max to integrate mobile payments into the vending-machine provider’s line of in-office K-Cup vending machines. Spindle also said it was partnering with Cardis USA, which will provide low-value payment processing services that save merchants processing fees on low-value purchases by aggregating them and handling them as one larger transaction. The Spindle mobile payment solution also leverages voice verification technology from ValidSoft. Businesses and coffee service providers using the K-Cup vending machines can now offer their employees the ability to pay for self-service coffee using a mobile device.

“We’ll now have the opportunity to offer a full end-to-end mobile commerce solution to a wide range of vending operators and coffee service suppliers that are looking to quickly enter the mobile commerce space,” said Bill Clark, CEO of Spindle. “By working with leading providers like Cardis International and ValidSoft, we can offer a seamless, secure, and affordable solution that will serve the needs of operators and vendors well into the future.”