Southern Universities Accept Tuition Online via SVP

Dec. 6, 2010

eWise, an online payments provider, said online acceptance of tuition payments by American universities via Secure Vault Payments (SVP) is gaining momentum. Auburn University and Columbus State University have joined the University of Georgia in giving their students the option to pay tuition online using ACH transactions. eWise and NACHA—the organization that manages the national ACH network—have partnered to link consumers, financial institutions, merchants and billers through an online banking e-payments network. “Industry led Online Banking ePayments networks, like Secure Vault Payments, and their use are proliferating around the world and we believe they add tremendous value to educational institutions who continue to feel budget constraints while looking for ways to improve services to students,” said Richard Brierley-Jones, executive vice president of eWise. “We are pleased to welcome Auburn University and Columbus State University to the network and expect them to mirror the success of UGA.” Synovus, a Columbus, Ga.-based financial services company, was the first bank to join the Secure Vault Payments network during the pilot phase and is the sponsoring bank for the University of Georgia, Auburn University and Columbus State University.