Shopping Cart Technologies Makes Online Editorial Content ‘Shoppable’

May 8, 2014

Shopping Cart Technologies Makes Online Editorial Content ‘Shoppable’ A New York City company today unveiled technology that enables online publishers to make their editorial content shoppable in a seamless way. Shopping Cart Technologies (SCT) said its platform will let readers who see a product they like in an article purchase the item without being directed away from the publication to a retailer’s Website. In addition to being able to offer products for purchase instantly, the technology also scans the Websites of its “brand partners” to ensure that the inventory is available.

SCT said its technology produces a win-win between brands and publishers by keeping readers engaged for longer without sending them to outside sources to buy products, while ensuring that the brand becomes the “merchant of record” when the purchase is made. From a business perspective, the platform works on a revenue-sharing model between the brand, the publisher and SCT. Initial setup includes the creation of a custom cart, backend setup and training, checkout engines for any brand partner and 24 hour technical support.

“There has been a steady shift from wholesale to retail sales for many brands, especially within the luxury segment,” explained Shopping Cart Technologies co-founder Thomas van der Kallen. “Brands want to maintain their image, own their customer’s experience and most importantly be the merchant of record for online transactions. We are providing all these benefits.”