Selects Ethoca’s Collaborative Fraud Management Service

July 6, 2010

Ethoca, a collaborative fraud management service, announced that has joined the collaborative fraud management service’s global network fighting e-commerce fraud. sells brand-name merchandise online at 30 to 90 percent off. The company said it selected Ethoca’s collaborative fraud management solution to help it reduce fraudulent transactions and reduce the expenses of manually processing transactions. An affiliated company,, will also be using Dublin-based Ethoca’s collaborative fraud management service, according to a press release. “The steady growth in online shopping is attracting more fraudsters, and making it harder for retailers to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent orders,” said Andre Edelbrock, Ethoca’s president and CEO. “Apart from the obvious cost of fraud losses, there is an increasingly large hidden cost as nearly one in three transactions are referred for manual review, plus lost revenue from mistakenly rejecting legitimate customers. Our network members get a much clearer and sophisticated picture of risk associated with a transaction from the experiences of other online merchants, enabling them to lower their fraud rates, confidently and safely accept more orders and send fewer for manual review.”