Shell Stations to Accept Chase Pay

June 14, 2016

Shell Stations to Accept Chase Pay Soon, if you’re filling up at a Shell station in the U.S., you will be able to pay at the pump using Chase Pay, Chase’s QR code-based mobile payment service launched last October . The companies announced a multi-year agreement under which Chase cardholders will be able to scan their mobile devices at Shell stations, accessing the service first through Shell’s mobile app and later through the Chase Pay app. The agreement joins the largest fuel retailer in the U.S. with one of the largest credit and debit card issuers.

“We recognize consumers are looking to mobile solutions for everyday needs, including shopping, travel, restaurant reservations and more,” said Craig Schneider, general manager and vice president of retail marketing for North America at Shell. “Adding Chase Pay to the multiple payment methods Shell accepts will deliver a simplified, differentiated and personalized customer experience while driving loyalty.”

Chase Pay was launched last fall in partnership with merchant-backed consortium MCX, which has since suspended its CurrentC mobile solution (it will cease accepting transactions at the end of June). Shell was part of MCX as well and reports indicate Chase is in conversations with other MCX merchants to begin accepting Chase Pay. MCX merchants that were attracted by the consortium’s pricing may find Chase Pay to their liking. As a closed network, data should be less susceptible to hackers and Chase could have a pricing advantage over other mobile payment offerings.