SHAZAM Launches Mobile App for Debit Card Holders 

Jan. 17, 2013

Iowa EFT network SHAZAM this week launched a mobile app that will enable customers of its community bank clients to manage their debit card accounts. The company said its mobile banking app—dubbed SHAZAM BOLT$—will provide enhanced fraud protection by generating an email alert every time the attached debit card is used in a card-not-present transaction (in addition to alerts that respond to other user-generated thresholds). Community banks are playing catch up in the mobile arena, not just with larger banks, but with other more nimble technology providers, according to Dan Kramer, senior vice president of marketing and merchant services at SHAZAM.

“Community banks and credit unions are searching for mobile solutions to help them compete in the growing financial services marketplace,” said Kramer. “It’s no longer only the megabank strategies our network participants are competing with; it’s also those from the Apples, the Googles and the Verizons of the world. SHAZAM is working hard to help our network participants remain the best choices for the cardholders in their communities.”