SHAZAM Antifraud Alerts Now Available on Android Devices

Sept. 26, 2013

SHAZAM, the Des Moines, Iowa-based debit network, announced this week that its mobile app—an extension of the company’s fraud-prevention services—now is available on Andriod devices. SHAZAM BOLT$, until now only available for iPhone users, works through a user’s bank to send alerts when suspicious activity occurs on the customer’s debit card.

The system alerts cardholders on their device any time a card-not-present purchase is made, there is a purchase above a certain user-set amount or any high-risk transaction occurs. Including consumers in fraud-fighting efforts is vital, according to Terry Dooley, senior vice president and CIO for SHAZAM.

“Along with dedicated and expert fraud analysis, customer-facing technology is extremely important,” Dooley said. “It can help improve the consumer’s experience and increase a financial institution’s ability to prevent fraudulent transactions. SHAZAM BOLT$ puts customers in the driver’s seat.”